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About STREAMX – The Event

STREAMX is an annual event organized by our sponsors and a rigid team of hard working volunteers from almost every field of work

  • In STREAMX, several renowned personalities of business world take part.
  • International celebrities make their appearance every year.
  • STREAMX conducts talk shows for latest digital trends.
  • Multiple eventful Seminars are organized which are recorded and distributed to the attendees after the event completion.
  • Surprise distribution of several digitally enhanced rewards. 100s of participants have got lucky in the past.

How is STREAMX Unique?

STREAMX is the one and only event in the world which has been attended by record million individuals from the time of its inception.

  • The discussions held in STREAMX have been successful in providing a definite path to the listeners.
  • Influencers from all over the world answer the questions raised by the attendees.
  • The event goes on for a week which is the longest period single event if compared to other events.
  • Listen, learn, ask questions and take photographs with your favorite celebrity – you can do it all here!







This year, STREAMX is coming to Sydney, Australia. We have 26 personalities who will be participating in debates, giving life lessons and performing live music for all of you. Our Australian fans have endlessly requested us for last 5 years to organize this mega even there and here we are! What are you waiting for? Do not live in Sydney? A roadtrip will be awesome. Won’t it? Do not live in Australia? Heck book a flight ticket! This is one event you wouldn’t want to miss.


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Donna Grant
CEO, Techgreen

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Allen McBrayer
Chairman, Unitaxon

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David Shepherd
CEO, Tamlab

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James Smith
Director, Tresbioity

Multiple Plans To Choose From

STREAMX encourages everyone to join us in this mega event and that is why we have multiple custom plans which you can make use of. Booking a package which serves your purposes is the luxury you can have with STREAMX. Plans are given below.




Stay and food covered
Travel expenses not included




Stay and food covered 
Travel expenses included


Fill the booking form given below to book your spot in the biggest event of 2016.


Q1: Where is STEAMX being organized in 2016?

Ans: STREAMX is being organized in Sydney, Australia.

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Allen McBrayer


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Donna Grant

Graphic Artist

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James Smith

UI Expert

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